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Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Do you work with Apple products?


Yes, we work with most Apple products. We can supply and upgrade existing Apple products. We also repair and replace screens on iPads, iPods and iPhones.

Q? How long do repairs take


It really depends on how busy we are and what needs doing. Straightforward part replacements are often done same day whereas scans and diagnosis can take several hours to run before we can start work on the machine.

Q? Will I have unwelcome costs


No. We always inform you of any additional costs before going ahead with any work. Also if a machine is too old and not worth spending any money on we will tell you too.

Q? Can I bring my machine to you


Yes. We have a workshop in Rugby where we carry out all our repairs. It's often cheaper too as we charge on an hourly basis when on site.

Q? My machine will not boot. Have I lost my data


Not necessarily. We have ways and means of accessing your hard drive without the risk of losing your data. We can then back up to a provided portable hard drive or supply a portable hard drive/ USB drive.