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iPad & iPhone Repairs

Smashed or damaged screen on your iPad or iPhone? iPad or iPhone not recognising your finger swiping? No power? Not charging? No problem! Is your iPad Screen unresponsive? Don’t worry, we promise you’re not alone. Just drop it in to our Rugby repair centre where we carry out all iPad and iPhone repairs. Breaking your iPad or iPhone never felt better!!

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing problems. There are 2 screens on your iPad. 1. The front iPad digitising screen which controls the "touch" capabilities. So if your iPad doesn’t recognise your finger swiping then it could also be that your top screen has broken. 2. The iPad LCD panel that controls the images that appear. So if you are getting no display, very feint display or distorted display, chances are that the LCD panel will need replacing.

Cracked iPad glass? Did it fall & get cracks that look like a spider web? The graphics look fine, just the top glass is shattered? Or maybe the digitiser is not responding to your touch? Use this service to repair cracked or smashed iPad glass. We’ll repair your iPad and install a brand new iPad Touch Screen.

Your iPad LCD is broken if you see color or grey lines, white spots, dead pixels on the screen. If the display is completely white, the back-light has stopped working or it is flickering or bleeding, it has to be replaced. The lower LCD screen on your iPad is normally protected from knocks by the top glass screen, but even still it can break. Sometimes it starts with graphics corruption, which gradually gets worse, and sometimes it is a totally white screen.

Whatever the issue we carry out all iPad repairs and iPad repairs in and around Rugby. If Rugby is too far to travel please call us and you can send it in to us and we will carry out the repair. We would always call you with a quote prior to carrying out any work.