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iPad Screen Repairs

iPad Screen Repairs

One of the most common iPad repairs we carry our at our Rugby Workshop.As the screens are quite fragile they easily break or smash if dropped or accidentally squashed.

There are 2 elements to the iPad screen; a digitising touch sensitive screen and an underneath LCD panel

The top digitiser screen is the most common part that gets damaged or smashed. It is fragile and will crack or shatter with the softest of knocks. However, it is also the cheapest part to replace so do not despair. Just call us at our Rugby repair centre and we will have your smashed or broken iPad digitiser screen replaced or repaired before you know it.

The bottom or underneath LCD screen is also a common part to fail. This can be the result of a drop or wear. You can usually tell as the screen will be very faint or show no display at all. Again no problem, we can replace your iPad LCD screen quickly and have you back up and running quickly. Just give us a call.