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Laptop Screen Repairs

Laptop Screen Repairs

Broken, smashed or faulty laptop screen? No problem. We have a range of screens immediately available to fit, whatever size. Just drop your laptop in to our repair centre in Rugby and we will have you up and running in no time.

Laptop screens can be fragile and break more easily than people think. In fact broken and cracked laptop screen replacements are one of the most common repairs we do at our Rugby repair centre.

Symptoms of screen in need of repair include: - Screen cracked - visible lines snaking across the screen surface - Screen flickering - often the LED screen or an LCD inverter in older models - Screen blank, black or white - no display at all - Screen display very faint - Screen not displaying colours properly

We fix damaged or broken screens of all ranges of laptops, old or new. We always have a variety of screens' sizes in the stock in order to repair and return your laptop as quickly as we can. If we don't have your screen in stock then they are, usually, only a day away so we will soon get your laptop back to you.