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Virus and Spyware Removal

Rogue infection

Does your computer have a virus or have you accidentally downloaded spyware? No problem. We remove all virus and spyware infections at our Rugby repair centre. Just drop it in and we will cleanse and remove all tracers from your machine.

Computer viruses are the most common cause of computers running slowly, sometimes painfully slow. They can also prevent access to the internet and stop software from running. Often they will cause your computer to stop working altogether and display rogue messages encouraging you to pay money to solve your issues.

In order to replicate itself, a virus must be permitted to execute code and write to memory. For this reason, many viruses attach themselves to executable files that may be part of legitimate programs (see code injection). If a user attempts to launch an infected program, the virus' code may be executed simultaneously. Viruses can be divided into two types based on their behavior when they are executed. Nonresident viruses immediately search for other hosts that can be infected, infect those targets, and finally transfer control to the application program they infected. Resident viruses do not search for hosts when they are started. Instead, a resident virus loads itself into memory on execution and transfers control to the host program. The virus stays active in the background and infects new hosts when those files are accessed by other programs or the operating system itself.

Whatever the virus or spyware issue we will remove it. Just drop in to our Rugby repair centre or call us.